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Vietnam Zippos

Vietnam Zippos showcases the engravings made by U.S. soldiers on their lighters during the height of the conflict, from 1965 to 1973. In a real-life version of the psychedelic war portrayed in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, Sherry Buchanan tells the fascinating story of how the humble Zippo became a talisman and companion for American GIs during their tours of duty. Through a dazzling array of images, we see how Zippo lighters were used during the war, and we discover how they served as a canvas for both personal and political expression during the Age of Aquarius, engraved with etchings of peace signs and marijuana leaves and slogans steeped in all the rock lyrics, sound bites, combat slang, and antiwar mottos of the time.”

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Illustrator freelance comoseta - “My inspiration comes from the people I meet, the things I discover. Looking into the past, I am fascinated by the Art Nouveau era and by artists such as Klimt, Schiele or Mucha. But my interests are not limited to that time. They are many contemporary artists that I like, even if I am unable to give a precise list of them all. I am living not too far from Lille, in Northern France. Since 1999, I work as a graphic designer and illustrator.” 

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Reflection (Taken with Instagram)


Paintings by Paul W Ruiz


Michael Chase

You see me


You see me
A scribbled signature
Though a pencil sketch 

Brushed over
Layered thick with acrylic

You see me
Through clouds of cotton
I twist into spirals
Immense storms in my fists

You see me
Shutters and door shut
Quiet hamlet in the valley
A dot on the map
To prick your finger
Under moonbeam
Silver nail

You see me
Through all
For all
That I am


Michael Chase

Long Beach, CA